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Third in the Series – Finding Love at Home by Jerry Eicher

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

finding love at home

From bestselling Amish fiction author Jerry Eicher, here’s another charming book about life among the Plain People.

All Debbie Watson wanted to do was join the Amish and live a simpler life. But when she moved in with her Amish neighbors, the Beiler family, she had no idea the turmoil that lay ahead.

As this final book in The Beiler Sisters series opens, Debbie is poised to marry Alvin Knepp, the Amish farmer she’s loved all along. Ida Beiler is recovering from the tragic loss of her husband-to-be in a farming accident, while her younger sister, Lois, is still running away from her faith.
Debbie takes it all in stride as she brings calm to the sorrowing Beiler family while finding happiness with the young man of her dreams.

Book 3 in The Beiler Sisters series

My Comments: This book is not due to be published until September 2014, but I received an advance e-copy from NetGalley for review. This was an interesting series – a real mix of English and Amish, yet somehow predictable.  What the story definitely led you to feel a certain way about how the characters would end up – done well, but as I said somewhat predictable. As I’ve said before, Jerry Eicher does a great job writing from an Amish woman’s point of view. He has a unique insight into the culture since he grew up Amish.   I think this lends a certain credibility to his writing which others do not possess. The story is sweet and engaging. If you love Amish fiction, or good, clean, faith-based literature please add this author to your TBR list. You won’t be disappointed!

A Teacher’s Musings – Office Depot vs. Staples and more…

Thursday, September 5th, 2013


I don’t usually write anything except book reviews, but I am a second grade teacher who recently went back to school and I have some opinions about some recent teacher events.

Within the last month I have had the privilege of attending two different “teacher appreciation” events.  The first one I attended was at Office Depot.  They had a nice, free continental breakfast spread out for us as well as some local vendors sponsoring give-aways.  Each teacher received a nice bag not stuffed, but including some goodies teachers appreciate.  I would say the best item for me in the bag was a gift card from Chick Fil A for three different breakfasts – one for August, one for September, and one for October.  We also received a coupon for 25 free copies from the copy machine.

Then a week later I went to the teacher appreciation from Staples.  We received an empty bag and a 20% off coupon.  I should say the bag WOULD HAVE BEEN empty if the local manager hadn’t put in a couple of goodies for us.  The corporate office only provided the bag and coupon.  What a disappointment.  Staples is usually my favorite, in fact, a few years ago, they gave each teacher a jet drive for our computer – VERY practical and needed by teachers.  I guess all of this is a sign of the times, finances, and lack of whatever for teachers.

Believe it or not, the job is getting harder.  We are expected to do much more with much less.  This year we (as second grade teachers) have 31 students in our class with absolutely no help.  The help I thought we were getting only amounts to an hour from 2-3 on Friday afternoon (which really is no help because the children are finished by then).  We received a new grade level printer last year only to have it replaced again when we were off this summer with our old broken down one (the one we had before we got the new one).  It breaks down often and is quite frustrating.  Yet, we are expected to use technology.  We each do the job of two people, AND we are supposed to proficiently educate 31 young children – even though some come to use significantly below grade level.  Thankfully, I have some parents who want to help.

Don’t get me wrong I love children and I love teaching, but the conditions are making it more difficult and less fun.

Anyway, a little encouragement goes a long ways.  Thank you Office Depot and Staples for acknowledging us.

We are back!

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Hi Readers!  I just want to let you know that we are back and safe to visit again after being violated two weeks ago.  I will be posting about several books – both children’s and adults’ – so be watching for that this weekend!  Sally

I Need Help From My Reading Buddies!

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Hi, this is Sally – the mom of Leah and Amy.  This summer is one of staying in and resting for me.  First, I wait for  lower back surgery.  You will no doubt see lots of reviews from me.  Unfortunately I can’t do much because I can’t lift, I can’t bend, and I can’t walk correctly, and when I try to I wind up  in pain. Second, after I have surgery I will have to recuperate for several weeks.  Then, back to  teach school – actually school will probably begin before I am ready to go back.  Soooo, this is where YOU come in.  I already have a basket of books ready to read, but I can always use some other suggestions.  I need recommendations of books that kept you on the edge of your seat, so engaged that hardly anything could distract you.  My favorite book types are cozy mysteries (you can look at some of my reviews to see what I HAVE read), Amish fiction, engaging Christian fiction, James Patterson-type books, Nicholas Sparks-type books, Tess Gerritsen-type books, and others along that line.  I’m NOT a Twilight fan, nor do I like vampires or outright fantasy.  Any ideas?  Beach type fiction also  sounds good since I will be staying home all summer.  Thanks for your suggestions I REALLY appreciate your thoughtfulness!

A Reintroduction to the Three Gals Who Author This Blog

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

I’ve come to realize that since we have many new readers, you may need to know that not one person is writing book reviews – but three of us.  You could go back to the very beginning posts to find out more about us, but I want to give you a quick synopsis.  I’m the mom (Sally).  I’ve been married to the same sweet guy for a long time and raised three children.  My husband has been in ministry for most of the time we’ve been married, and we have lived in seven states.  We now live in Southern California.  I have been teaching school for almost 17 years – mostly first and second graders, and I LOVE it!  My daughter Leah writes from Costa Rica – she is married to a great guy (who also happens to be from Costa Rica) and is the mom of three great girls (my grandchildren).  She and her husband work at a one year Bible school for students of college age or maybe a tad bit older.  My other daughter, Amy, is the one who inspired and put this blog together.  She is happily single and tutors adults to become better readers.  She has had many interesting experiences in her life – including teaching English in Japan and getting stranded in Mongolia.  She also lives in Southern California.  We all LOVE books and reading and we desire to share that passion with you!  We have different and similar interests – hopefully making this blog of interest to many.  Thanks for reading!

Hi, I’m Sally

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

I’m the matriarch of this trio. I think I passed my love of reading and books onto all three of my children, which delights me to no end! It is fun being able to share that part of our lives which each other and with anyone else who will listen!

My love of reading led me into going to college as a non-traditional (wife and mother of three) student in order to teach little people to love books (and math, and science, and social studies, and writing!). So far, I’ve had a fair amount of success with the book part – with both first and second graders in both Missouri and California.

I love dogs, I love the color RED, I love chocolate, and I love children – they crack me up! I love teaching, I love good movies and television, but most of all, I love reading!

I’ve been happily married for a LONG TIME (35 years in April). I’m also a long-distance granny – and have tried to pass my love of books to those kids, too!

I’m Amy!

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Well, I’m the youngest of the bunch, the cool, hip single one. Ahem.

In any case, I have always loved to read and I love the way story both communicates truth and entertains. I love everything from a dreamy romance to a powerful epic. My all time favorite novel is Jane Eyre, but there are several books in my permanent collection.

To top it off, I spend my working hours helping others improve their reading and English language skills. It’s my joy to do, but truthfully at times, also my burden. 🙂 I love travel, being challenged in my thought life, trying new food, and writing. And I love Jesus Christ.

I hope you’ll pull up a chair and join us for awhile in the Friendly Book Nook!

Hi! I’m Leah.

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

I am a 30-something, stay-at-home mom to 3 wonderful daughters. I’ve been married to my best friend for 11 years and counting. I’ve loved to read ever since I can remember and hope to instill that love in my daughters. They get read to everyday, so you may see quite a few children’s books reviews from me – I probably read more children’s books than anything else! On any given day you might catch me reading anything from “Goodnight Moon” to “Bread and Jam for Francis” to “the BFG” to “Midwives” (but not that last one to the kids!). I hope through this blog I will not only be able to give others some good reading suggestions, but to also get some good reading suggestions in return. Join the fun and share with us in our passion for reading and books!