I received a copy of the book and movie for review purposes on my blog.

A Dog’s Purpose by W Bruce Cameron is the ultimate dog tale. It’s the story of Bailey who longs to know what the purpose of his life is. He is continually reincarnated until he connects with a boy, Ethan. He gets to live for awhile as Ethan’s dog and the two are close, inseparable! But time takes its toll and eventually Bailey must say good-bye. Could he ever find Ethan again?

That basic premise is the same for book and movie. And the movie is absolutely charming, well cast, and full of cute dogs! But I must warn you…I cried a lot. I just love dogs so much and a story that involves reincarnation also involves death, unfortunately. Even so, it’s a gentler dog story on the soul since you know Bailey will never go anywhere for good! By the way, the cast includes the charming Bryce Gheisar who plays Archie on Riverdale without all the red hair…he makes a great Ethan, and I really like him. But the entire cast is great! There are voiceovers (done by Josh Gad) for Bailey that are both well done and give you a chance to remember this is a story told from a dog’s perspective. It adds a lot of humor and charm! I really can’t recommend it enough for dog lovers.

The book is also wonderful. Some storylines (including the end!) are changed from the book to movie as frequently happens, but since it is a book you get a much closer look into the inner workings of Bailey’s mind which is super charming and an added bonus.

You can learn more about A Dog’s Purpose for yourself by visiting the website, liking the movie on Facebook, and following the movie on both Twitter and Instagram. With so many cute pictures and videos how could you not?

And now how about watching the trailer?

I have a copy of the movie and book to give away to one lucky reader! In order to enter, all you have to do is fill out the form below. The giveaway closes May 15, 2017. Must be a resident of the United States. Winner will be notified via email.

Finally, we received a really lovely package for our own furry friend, Dusty, with the movie and book.

Included in the package was Emma Lou’s Homemade Kitchen chicken jerky. I was interested in this snack as it was made of real food and sourced in the United States. As you know, dog food and treats don’t have the same standards as humans do, so it’s important to be careful when shopping. Dusty loooooved this treat. Well, he’s a little dog so I have broken it into small pieces for him. This package should last a little while, but he’s not shy about begging for more. 🙂

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