An adventure book for young Tooth Brushers. A children’s book that teaches the importance of taking care of your teeth. The Brite Forest is where Flossopher, who knows everything there is to know about teeth, lives with his friends. The evil Cavidorg plots to steal the magic Brushing Crown from, Sparkla, the mother of all Brushing Trees. Without the toothbrushes that the Brushing Trees grow, no one will brush, and everyone’s teeth will turn rotten. That way Cavidorg’s plant, Denture-Con, can make even more fake teeth for the world. Flossopher must find a way to save the Brite Forest from Cavidorg’s army of cavity bugs.

My Comments: What a fun book! I read this book to my second graders last week and they were completely engaged. The story is cute, the characters are darling, and the message is clear. STAY away from candy and sweets and make sure you brush your teeth at least twice a day—or else you may lose your teeth 🙂 Another completely fun thing about the book is that a you need to search for a tooth care kit. We could only find 6 of the 7. Five are easy to find and one is just about impossible (at least for us, maybe you will have better luck). I would say this is a great book for primary-aged children. My class of second-graders is about 7 or 8 years old. Maybe even up to fourth grade would enjoy this book. The illustrations are colorful as well. I will read this every year now!

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