About the book: Cousins Lydia and Sandra Troyer and their friend, Rosemary Beiler have always been close. The two cousins, however, both have eyes for handsome Ezra Wagler, leaving Rosemary to watch from the sidelines. But when the cousins’ fathers face financial ruin, Lydia and Sandra make a deal as to who should have Ezra’s affections…at which point Rosemary decides to make a play for Ezra herself.

My Comments: Lots of drama runs throughout the pages of this book. We definitely see an imperfect Amish community and imperfect Amish families. In and out of the Amish lifestyle we jump with the characters. As I’ve said before, even though the pureness and cleanness of the Amish lifestyle appeals to me, the legalism drives me nutty. I see no earthly explanation from Scripture on why they do certain things. The men have too much power and seem to make all of the important decisions. I could not live that way. Forgiveness is available for certain things but not others.

This is a great book. I love Jerry’s books because he actually lived the Amish lifestyle, so I think they are probably more true to life. He is also a male writer, so things are not quite so romanticized. I look forward to reading each of his books!

I received a free e-copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review, which I have given.


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