storm buddies

About this book: A fictional tale about a little boy, who is terrified of stormy weather. He overcomes his fear with the help of three small animals called THE STORM BUDDIES, who live in the cloud pillow. The bundle comes with the book, cloud pillow, and three stuffed animals.

My Comments: Storms can be very frightening to young children (and sometimes even adults!). The idea behind this story is to have some buddies with you to keep you company during a storm so that you will not be afraid. You can pray with, talk to, and snuggle with the storm buddies buddies during the storm (look at the picture to see the buddies). The book comes with a pillow which has the buddies inside of it — cute idea! These buddies help young children cope and maybe even sleep during a storm.


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One Response to “STORM BUDDIES by Melissa Pope”

  1. Melissa Pope Says:

    Thank you for a wonderful review. Appreciate all your kind words.
    My goal is to try and reach as many children as I possibly can with the same fear as my son.
    Happy New Year,
    Melissa Pope

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