its a seashell day

Sunny-as-a-summer-sky rhymes chronicle a mother and son sharing a day of sand digging, seashell collecting, and seashore exploring. Kids will learn about a variety of shells and count along with the boy as he totals up his collection, puts his shells away, and then drifts off into a well-earned bedtime. A spread of seashell facts caps off the story.

This captivating, narrative nonfiction title featuring nature and counting is an ideal fit for home, preschool and kindergarten bookshelves. Pair it with the author’s beloved It’s a Firefly Night for a delightful day-to-night duo.

My Comments: My class and I enjoyed this book so much.  Although it is kind of an easy book for second graders, the story is sweet and you can get lost in the illustrations – which can tell their own story. We spent time telling a story just using the illustrations and then went back and read the book together. Since we are launching a new school-wide discipline framework using S.A.I.L. as our acronym, this book was perfect to help reinforce that because of it’s beach theme. The children all wanted to hold it and read it for themselves. This is a great book for young children ages 3-6!

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One Response to “It’s a Seashell Day by Dianne Ochiltree – illustrated by Elliot Kreloff”

  1. Dianne Ochiltree Says:

    Thank you so much for the nice comments about my book. Honored that it’s proving useful in the classroom. It’s makes an author’s heart glad to know that her book is being used to help kids become book lovers and creative writers. S.A.I.L. on!

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