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Lauren Endicott is haunted by the injustice of a father sent to prison for a murder he didn’t commit. She never expected the novel she wrote about the case to become a bestseller, one in which a thinly disguised local senator was the actual murderer, and she certainly never expected to face the town’s outrage after the senator committed suicide. Most of all, she never wanted to hurt the senator’s son, Flynn Huntington, the boy she had loved from afar, the one she knew could never be hers. After the senator’s death, the town and the Huntingtons wanted her gone, and truth be told, Lauren was glad to go. She knew Flynn Huntington hated her, and that she would have to make a life for herself elsewhere.

Ten years later when Lauren is forced to come back to town for a short stay, she has no intention of confronting her past. She’s changed her name, colored her hair, and hopes no one will recognize her. To her shock, she immediately finds herself the focus of Flynn’s attention. He’s no longer a boy, and in any other circumstances she’d be dazzled by the handsome and sophisticated man he has become. He doesn’t recognize her, and is under the mistaken impression she is an employee at the local inn. Lauren finds herself right back where she was so many years before, dreaming of someone who can never be hers.

Should Lauren tell him the truth about her identity? Or should she walk away before she breaks both their hearts?

My Comments:  This is a complete short story.  I was completely engaged throughout the short e-copy.  Parts of this story reminded me of  the television program, “Revenge” although without all the violence and deceit.  However, Lauren wanted to find out the truth about who murdered the person her father was accused of murdering.  Her own past is interesting, she is an attorney who wrote a best-selling novel.  She falls in love with a man who cannot find out her true identity.  Lauren is confronted with difficult decisions.  Read to find out what happened and why.  You will be thoroughly entertained.  I recommend this novella.

Thank you to Story Cartel for a free copy to review in exchange for my honest review, which I have given.

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