living room

Amy Clarke’s dreams are coming true—and that’s the problem.

Legal secretary by day, romancenovelist by night, Amy Clarke lives with a precious secret. For years, she hastraveled to a holy place in her dreams—a sublime place she calls the LivingRoom. When she awakes, her faith and energy are supernaturally restored. Andwhen she dreams, she receives vibrant inspiration for her novels.

As she begins to write her third book,the nature of her dreams shifts. Gone are the literary signposts. Instead, herdreams are studded with scenes that foreshadow real life. Before long, thescenes begin to spill over into her waking hours too.

As Amy becomes entangled in a highstakes case at work, her visions take on a dark hue—implicating someone dear toher, causing her to question everything. And convincing her to trust someonewith his own shadowy secrets.

Things are not always what they seem.But as fiction, dreams, and real life begin to overlap, Amy must stop dreamingand act to prevent tragedy.

My Comments:  I don’t read may books like this.  That is, a book about an author and how she receives her inspiration.  Amy Clarke is a real-life mom with a real-life teenage girl and a preteen boy.  She is happily married to a great man.  The family has financial struggles, yet Amy takes time off to write.  Things change, however, when financial struggles gently force her back to work as a legal secretary and she begins to open up about “where” she gets her inspiration for writing.  Some might consider her a prophet or a clairvoyant – especially when she starts seeing things pertaining to RIGHT now and not just in writing.

The characters in this book are so real.  Although I can not relate to anything that happens to Amy, I can understand her feelings and actions.  I love the Christian aspects and relationships in this story.  Although written by a man, Whitlow seems to capture female feelings and actions well.  I’m not sure I’ve read any other of Whitlow’s books, but I have one ready to go in my TBR pile.  The writing is engaging and the story moves along well.

I received a free copy of this book from the Booksneeze Thomas Nelson review program in exchange for my honest review, which I have given.



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