Dylan is a playful and curious dog who has many things to do with his time, including the most important thing of all: finding the big fat cat that lives next door. This beautifully illustrated book follows Dylan as he chases, sniffs, catches and follows birds, flowers, pots, neighbors and more, all the while frantically looking for the big fat catuntil he finds it, that is. Dylans Day is a funny and endearing story that teaches kids its OK to sometimes be a little scared.

My Comments:  What is cuter than a dog in pursuit of a cat – especially a big fat one?  This is a great children’s book.  The illustrations are outstanding!  Anyone with a pet an relate to Dylan and his pursuit of the big fat cat.  I reviewed this book because we just got a brand new puppy, so I had a special interest in this.  After teaching for 22 years, I know that children are VERY interested in pets and especially dogs.  Dylan is a sweetie!  I can’t wait to read this book to my new class this fall!  Thank you NetGalley!


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