joni and ken

This is the true love story of Joni and her husband of 30 years, Ken Tada. A love story showing what it truly means for a man and a woman to live in love … in sickness and in health. Even the honeymoon wasn’t easy. Did Ken realize what he was getting into when he proposed to Joni, a quadriplegic woman? As their marriage years moved on, Ken became increasingly overwhelmed by the never-ceasing demands of caring for Joni, who begins to experience chronic, extreme, nightmarish pain. Ken sinks into depression, and the couple finds themselves on parallel tracks in life, married and living under the same roof but drifting apart emotionally. But as they fight for their marriage and find their way through the mazes of depression and pain, they wrap their two lives around their rock—Jesus. During Ken’s denial of Joni’s diagnosis, and Joni’s thoughts of how wonderful a quick exit to heaven would be, they experience a personal visitation with the savior you will never forget.

My Comments:  I love reading anything by Joni and this book was no exception.  My little problems just seem to fade away when I realize that there are people that have it far harder than I do.  Joni and Ken are such an inspiration to me.  They are real, honest, and live out their faith.  I would never idolize them, but they make me want to be a better Christian and be a better wife.  The honesty in this book moved me.  Marriage is hard enough with to able bodied people, but when one is paralyzed from the neck down it has to be almost impossible, yet these two made a commitment before God and chose to stick it out even though they faced formidable circumstances with Joni’s paralysis.  I hardly ever read non-fiction, but I began this book and couldn’t put it down.  I highly recommend it.  I received a free review copy from Booksneeze in exchange for my honest review.

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