Years ago, the day before Ellie moved from Georgia to California, she and her best friend Nolan sat beneath the Spanish moss of an ancient oak tree where they wrote letters to each other, and sealed them in a rusty old metal box. The plan was to return eleven years later and read them. But now, as that date arrives, much has changed. Ellie, bereft of the faith she grew up with, is a single mom living in a tired apartment trying to make ends meet. Sometimes she watches television to catch a glimpse of her old friend —Nolan, now an NBA star, whose terrible personal tragedies fueled his faith and athletic drive in equal measure. But Nolan also suffers from a transcendent loneliness that nothing has ever eased.

In their separate lives, as Ellie and Nolan move toward the possibility of a reunion at the oak tree, Kingsbury weaves a tale of heart-wrenching loss, the power of faith, and the wounds that only love can heal.

My Comments:  This book is classic Kingsbury.  I wonder if anyone really “loves” and holds a torch from somebody in high school who they haven’t seen in a decade.  Wow!  I changed so much during those years, I can’t even imagine continuing to feel that way about someone after all of that time.  Yes, you have history, yes, you still have some feelings, but jumping into a lifelong relationship with somebody you haven’t seen in ten years?  Oh well, after I suspended disbelief, I enjoyed the book.  Ellie, especially, had it kind of rough.  Her father was unreasonable, unfair, and quick to judge.  Thankfully, God got a hold of him.  Her mother, who made poor choices, understandably to some degree, comes back into the picture after ten years as well.  It seems like the love of people fill the holes God alone is intended to fill.  Yet, God uses people, and all of these people turn to God at one time or another.  This is a good book – very engaging.

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