Travel to Plain City, Ohio, to witness the Mennonite and English culture clash. As Katy Yoder accepts a new job and struggles to define her place in the world, childhood friends and a past romance get in the way. Even when her friends try to help her change her judgmental attitude, Katy is certain that seeing things as black and white is the only way to please God. But as love softens her heart, slowly shades of gray seep into her world, and she discovers the right answer isn’t always the easiest one.

My Comments: Great book, especially for those who struggle with staying in the center and would prefer legalism, or strictly adhering to a set of rules.  It is always difficult to look at things individually and choose based on the circumstances, situations and people involved.  Others don’t always understand or respect our convictions, so we need to make sure they are worth defending.  Katy, the main character, is probably like many young girls raised in a more fundamentalist home.  I’d have to say in my late teens and early twenties I was much like Katy.  Problem with this is the self-righteous nature can easily take over.  I guess at times I became impatient with Katy, and her behavior brought back memories I would rather forget.  This book is great!  I look forward to more by Dianne Christner.

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