Randy Singer

Clark Shealy is a bail bondsman with the ultimate bounty on the line: his wife’s life. He has forty-eight hours to find an Indian professor in possession of the Abacus Algorithm–an equation so powerful it could crack all Internet encryption. Four years later, law student Jamie Brock is working in legal aid when a routine case takes a vicious twist: she and two colleagues learn that their clients, members of the witness protection program, are accused of defrauding the government and have the encrypted algorithm in their possession. After a life-changing trip to the professor’s church in India, the couple also has the key to decode it. Now they’re on the run from federal agents and the Chinese mafia, who will do anything to get the algorithm. Caught in the middle, Jamie and her friends must protect their clients if they want to survive long enough to graduate.

My Comments: Great read second time around as well as first.  There are some changes, so if you want to know why – check out the video.  Click on Randy Singer above to view.  I always love Randy Singer’s books and this is no exception, although some of the subject matter is beyond my comprehension, I still enjoy the suspense and drama!  I love that the main characters are law “students.”  This may give them a little more freedom.

Although this is characterized as Christian fiction, I think all can enjoy the story without offense.  A GREAT read!


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