‘There it was in big letters for all to see: Recommendation: Adopt.’ He really was a nice, special male cat, and he knew soon he would be leaving this small cage for a large, comfortable house with his real name.’ A cat temporarily named Linus is living in a cat adoption center dreaming of the day someone will take him home. When a man walks in the center, Linus is sure that he has spotted his new owner. He does everything he can to catch the man’s attention: stays in the front of the cage, looks him in the eye, and even reaches his brown paw out to the man. But the man decides to think about his decision and heads out, leaving Linus to wonder when his magical day will come. Come along to see how Mr. Bo Finds a New Home and a New Name.

My comments: As always with children’s books, I read this to my 29 second graders.  They loved it.  The only complaint they had was that the book was not long enough.  Telling the adoption story from the pet’s point of view gave a different perspective on the whole issue.  The story is great!  The children loved the illustrations.  They especially loved the pictures of Mr. Bo.

******We have one copy of this book to GIVE AWAY.  We will randomly choose a winner from those leaving a comment about a pet you or someone you know has adopted.  You MUST have a United States address.  The contest ends February 28 at 11:59 P.M.  Good luck!

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5 Responses to “Mr. Bo Finds a New Home and New Name by Timothy Battle”

  1. Theresa N Says:

    We have a cat whose 11 years old now. She was a stray who wondered the neighborhood 10 years ago. Best we can figure she tried every house in the neighborhood before deciding to adopt us, we had her fixed and brought her in an she’s been happy ever since.

  2. Timothy Battle Says:

    Mr. bo and I thank you for the great review on the book.

    Glad your kids enjoyed it,

  3. pat Says:

    In memory of my three Brittany Spaniels – Smokey, Bandit, Lacey – all shelter rescues! Thank you for this great giveaway!

  4. Timothy Battle Says:

    As a Special offer to your followers, Mr. Bo and I would like to provide a special personalized & autographed copy of “Mr.Bo Finds a New Home and a New Name.”

    Please go to our website to view the offer. http://www.mrbobooks.com

    Thank you

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