About a month ago I wrote and asked for book ideas in order to have many ideas for my upcoming surgery.  Well, that surgery has still not happened.  First, it was scheduled for July 8.  My work insurance changed – I was told (incorrectly) that I would still be ok WRONG – then I asked them to check with my husband’s insurance, which I am also fully covered under – it was scheduled for July 14/15, AGAIN cancelled because they found out I had a primary insurance – this has been understandably a very frustrating experience.  SO, next I thought maybe if I shared a contract and went to part time work I could claim hubby’s insurance as my primary – well because of layoffs I would have to take whoever was next on the seniority list – not interested in sharing my classroom with a stranger – I was hoping I could get a gal that was laid off from my school.  SOOO my principal found out that the new insurance is supposed to honor what was already in place from the old insurance and now we are jumping through hoops to get it done.  I also have in place another doctor this new insurance covers.  To say the least this has wreaked havoc with my summer and what I was trying to avoid (missing lots of school) is going to have to happen in order for me to get this done.  WOW – I think I have tried everything.  Hoping this surgery still takes place in July.  School begins August 9.  Maybe I’ll heal miraculously quickly (never happened before (-:  Just pray this happens and happens soon.  I appreciate all of you and your support.  Keep sending those book ideas – I’m going through books and movies on Netflix instant streaming like crazy!

Also, if you have any other ideas of ways to keep me occupied, send them my way.  My house and closets and drawers are almost all cleaned and organized.

I’ve decided to look at this as extending my summer break!

I grew up in New Jersey, but now live in Southern California – the Inland Empire – about an hour from everything you’ve heard of.  Stay cool!

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  1. Krista Says:

    Oh insurance is such a pain! I do hope it gets straightened out soon!!! Do you have any other projects you need doing in the mean time? Some scrapbooking or sewing/stitching perhaps? I know eventually I get tired of reading, but maybe that’s just me! 🙂

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