From the company that brought you Bio-comics on Barack and Michelle Obama, comes a new Bio on an unlikely public figure – Bo, the First Dog of the United States! In this 40-page Special Edition reissue of the widely successful comic, get a floor height tour of the White House from the Presidential Pup and discover who is the real “Top Dog” in Washington.

My Review: First I would like to share some comments from my second grade students (their comments will be in italics):

The book is just too funny because a dog talks and gets mad.  The dog hoped there wouldn’t be any cats.  He said this to Obama before he talked to Obama, he said not on my watch.  That was funny.  Then he said no cats allowed in the White House to Obama.

In the story Bo Obama is really funny.  It’s kind of like a comic book and that’s awesome.  The dog in the book talks about some of the presidents.  I think this book is really good for children to read.  Everyone will love the book.

This book is funny because the dog talks in his mind and says not on my watch.  Bo Obama is so cute, I like Portuguese Water Dogs, do you?

I like the dog and I like the very ending when there are fireworks in the sky.  Bo was really funny.  I felt sad when the people burned the White House.  I like the pony and all of the other animals.

Some of the other presidents mentioned are FDR, JFK, William Howard Taft, Nixon, Clinton, George Washington, and George W. Bush.  Other animals which lived in the White House and who they belonged to are included.  The history of Portuguese Water Dogs is given.  The idea of a comic book is a great way to teach children history.  My students were all eager to read it and loved it!

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