Finding Lincoln on YouTube

Louis needs to write an essay for school about young Abraham Lincoln. But it’s 1951 in Alabama, and African Americans cannot use the public library. Mama says one day soon they’ll be able to check out books, but Louis isn’t going to wait! When he makes a brave journey into the “whites-only” library, something surprising and wonderful happens – he meets a brave young librarian. Ann Malaspina’s moving story and Colin Bootman’s rich paintings evoke the troubles and triumphs of days not long past. Includes a note on the history of racial segregation in public libraries, a brief history of Abraham Lincoln’s life, and an “If You Want to Read More” listing.

My Review: Click on the above link to YouTube to get a good idea about this book.  I saw it online and thought it would make a good transition from Black History to Presidents’ Day and I was right.  My class (2nd grade) and I enjoyed this book, and I cried as I read it although it ends with a cliffhanger.  We love the librarian who goes out on a limb for the book-loving Louis, but the whole problem is not resolved in this book – which is very real to life.  Thank goodness we are well past legal segregation as these books can be upsetting.  A great addition to the library of Black history and Presidents Day!

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