thegiftThe Gift is a sort of charming Christmas tale that encourages the reader to make the most ot the time they’ve been given. The story centers around Lou Seffron who is a very successful business executive. He is on his way up in the world, but his wife and family feels very neglected. One day, Lou meets a man outside of his office who is homeless. In an unusual gesture, Lou talks to the man and gives him a warm coffee. He can’t stop thinking about him, so when it starts pouring rain, he offers him a lowly job within his company.

The man, Gabe, is remarkable. He quickly completes his tasks and offers a great amount of support to Lou–encouraging him to spend time with his family and offering him a gift that allows him not to have to choose between career and family.

The story is a lot of fun in many ways, as it opens with a young boy throwing a turkey through the window of his father’s house. At the police station, Lou’s remarkable story is told to this boy as he waits for his mother to come get him.

There are some laugh out loud moments, some touching moments, and all in all it’s an enjoyable read. Please note there is some profanity as well.

A great holiday read especially for early in the season to help you remember how precious family is! 🙂

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  1. Julie P. Says:

    I wish I had this one to read — it sounds like one I’d enjoy!

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