WOW!  I love devoting a whole 24 hours to my favorite pasttime – reading!  I began reading late, but I’m finishing up Debbie Macomber’s latest book in her Cedar Cove series, 92 Pacific  Blvd.  It is as wonderful as all the rest.  I’m just going to enjoy reading fun, fiction books today and this readathon gives me the great opportunity to do just that – and without guilt!  I have a new book by Terri Blackstock, and another by Beverly Lewis that I hope to devour today.  How is everyone else doing?

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21 Responses to “October 2009 Readathon Update”

  1. Kiki Says:

    I saw that you like Debbie Macomber and was wondering if you had read her Blossom Street series and if so, what you thought about it. Happy reading!

  2. Lenore Says:

    haven’t read much, but I’ve left over 200 comments! Best of luck reading today!

  3. nfmgirl Says:

    I hope you’re enjoying the Readathon. I’m getting a slow start, and have only completed The Heretic Queen, which I only had about 30 pages to finish when the readathon started. Now I’m on to The Hunger Games, and still have two other books that were already started that I hope to get some reading done on. Now I’m off to the store for some candy to keep me fueled up. See how I keep distracting myself? LOL

  4. NTE Says:

    I’m doing pretty good ~ I hope your day continues to be fabulous.

  5. Karen Says:

    So little time, so many bbooks

  6. Sheila DeChantal Says:

    I have read the first few of her books. I think it is so cool that she used addresses as book titles. Brilliant!

  7. lilly Says:

    You are doing so well. I didn’t even finish one book yet ;(

  8. Kristi Says:

    I know – 24 hours to read! I got a good start that slowed down once my family got up – then it picked up again a little. I have finished one book – Saint John of Five Boroughs – but I am going to get a “simplier” one for my next read!

  9. Sherri Says:

    Love Debbie Macomber also. I just “found” her as a new author. Keep up the great work! BTW – Love the blog!

  10. Sharla Says:

    I started reading late as well. But, I’m just going to have fun with this. Happy Reading!

  11. Trish Says:

    You’re doing great so far! And congrats on being the reader of the hour!!

  12. Tami and Dave Says:

    Love your site – very pretty. Good luck in the rest of the challenge.

  13. JensBookTalk Says:

    I LOVE Debbie Macomber also and I have several of that series and waiting to get them all before I start. I am weird like that but I have read others by her and she is awesome!

  14. Marg Says:

    Debbie Macomber is a great choice for readathon – easy to read but fulfilling!

  15. molly Says:

    I am anxious to start reading some Christmas books. Perhaps next weekend 🙂

    I am having a blast with the read-athon. I hope you are enjoying yourself as well!

  16. diane Says:

    You are doing Great. Macomber books are a great choice for this event. Have fun.

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