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patti hill

Birdie Wainwright, 72, isn’t concerned about seeing things that others can’t. For a woman who still climbs mountains with her dog (Miss Bee Haven) and likes to tango, the impractical visions brought on by macular degeneration are just another gift from God, adding more adventure to life. But when a tumble down the stairs breaks her ankle and leads back to her son’s home in Denver where she must convalesce, Birdie’s imagination really takes flight. Following a conversation with her grandson about The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, she begins to see and speak with the unkempt literary character himself on a regular basis. As the line between reality and whimsy turns brittle, faith is tested among friends and loved ones, and hope is reborn.

Seeing Things is a story about family, reconciliation, and hearing from God in unexpected ways.

My Review: I enjoyed this book although it took quite a while to read.  Parts of the story moved along slowly, but mostly it was my schedule that made it slow.  The family dynamics were quite interesting and it was quite a change reading a book from a 70 somethings’ point of view.  I learned some things about macular degeneration and how to better relate to people who may have this disease.  I grew quite fond of the teenage boy and found his relationship with his father disturbing until I read further and found out some of the reason behind this relationship.  Although this is categorized as Christian fiction, the story told was of true to life people with real problems.  This was a good slice of life story!

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