thejusticegameI always enjoy Randy Singer’s books and I was especially excited to read this one when he allowed readers to choose the verdict of the case! A few months ago he had a video with the closing statements that allowed readers to understand the issues and evidence and make a choice. Additionally, I had a strong interest in reading this book because it dealt with issues of gun control. I have mixed feelings on gun control because I believe in both non-violence and personal liberty. I am strongly against government control and regulation in most areas. Yet it does seem as though there should be a way to permit people to own guns without all the problems we have. I think Mr. Singer did a great job of exploring the issues and whether or not gun manufacturers are at fault when people use their guns in violent crimes.

The novel opens with a bang as a local news station is taken hostage by a mad gunmen. When lives are lost, a victim’s family member opens a lawsuit against the gun manufacturer because they knowingly supplied a dealer who knowingly sold guns through straw purchases.

Another aspect that I loved about this book was the exploration of whether or not Christians should be involved in lawsuits. I have always thought we shouldn’t, but Mr. Singer presents some compelling arguments that there might be some cases where it’s okay, while also making sure your heart is right.

This is probably my favorite Randy Singer novel to date. It was full of mystery and twists and turns. While the case was important, the lives of both lawyers were also examined, especially Jason Noble who I really enjoyed as a character. I hope that we get to see him again! It was also fun to see a few characters from previous books.

This is Christian fiction and while the characters are definitely exploring their faith, I don’t think it’s overbearing. I really recommend it! You can buy it Amazon.

(I received the ARC of this book from the author’s publicist for review.)

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