song-of-middle-cFrom the Cover:  Do you play the piano?  I do.  Miss Kari, my piano teacher, tells me that true artistry takes great imagination.  It also takes a lot of practice.  The big day of my piano recital is almost here, and hoo boy, have I been practicing!  I’ve even got the help of my lucky hat and shoes – not to mention my lucky underwear!  What could possibly go wrong?

With true understanding of the challenges of live performance, Alison McGhee and Scott Menchin have created an ode to improvisation, chutzpah, and the power of lucky underwear.

My Review:  This is such a cute book and takes me back to the days when my children played piano and the annual piano recital!  I love this book because the little girl (main character) has so much confidence that she  truly believes that she is creative and talented, and also I love that she works very hard and enjoys playing piano!  This is a good book to teach children to have a “Plan B” in case “Plan A” fails to succeed.  Plan B might just do the trick!   Don’t give up – think of something new that will work.  The adults in our main character’s life are SO encouraging and affirming.  No wonder the little girl loves piano!  She is not afraid that she will fail or upset her parents and other adults in her life.  This book is accelerated reading book level 2.4, so it will be perfect in my classroom library.  I also plan to read it aloud.  I can’t wait!

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