no-neverNo! Never! is a delightful children’s book about Daisy the Dalmatian.  She doesn’t want to eat her veggies, clean her room, take a bath, do her homework or any other chore.  She is adament about this until her mother explains that she won’t reach any of her other goals until she completes the goals of taking care of herself.


My Review:  While reading this book all I could think about was ways I could use in it my second grade classroom.  First of all, it is great for teaching making and reaching goals.  I also thought it would be great for teaching quotation marks, which is one of our standards.  They are used throughout the book, as it is written in conversational style.  I always enjoy books by Sally O. Lee.  I wish they were Accelerated Reader leveled, but nonetheless they make great read alouds and discussion starters in my classroom.  The illustrations and stories are just plain sweet and kid-friendly.  This will also be great for my 8 year old, 6 year old and 3 year old granddaughters!  Children love dogs!  They make great main characters!  I recommend this book!

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    I think I should get this to read for my grandchildren. Good lesson for me, too.

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