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Breathtaking and wise, Abigail Elliot and the Dollhouse Family by author Barbara Bliss is a celebration of the heart and of the family. A literary debut that truly exhibits the ties that bind a mother to her child, this children’s fantasy fiction is a magical, whirlwind tale of one little girl’s lively imagination. When Abigail Elliot is forced to endure the absence of her mother, she learns that the truly tender heart holds a flame for those it loves. With a lyric, at times piercing prose, the author crafts an affectionate world where a family that resides in a dollhouse soothes and lulls young Abigail to sleep at night with fond stories of her mother. Written for young readers, this book will not only intrigue, it will ignite an interest in history, genealogy, and the magical places of the heart. 

About the Author
As a teen, Barbara Bliss began a career in opera and cabaret. She has sung with the symphony orchestra in Barcelona, Spain and Washington DC, the New Jersey State Opera, and Alice Tully Hall. She began teaching voice twenty-five years ago and continues to teach, sing, and write every day.

My review: This book actually made me cry.  I don’t think my 8 year old granddaughter is quite ready for it, but maybe in a couple more years she will love it as I did.  The book’s setting is in New York City in the 1940s.  I love reading books from that time era.  The book is sweet, old-fashioned, and treats mental illness in a dignified manner.  The fantasy is sweet, the characters are respectable and likable, and the story is engaging.  Parts of the story contain mystery and childish antics.  The story is clean and well written.  Abigail Elliot and the Dollhouse Family would make a GREAT children’s movie!

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