All Fanny wants for her birthday is a Connie doll.  She wanted it at Christmas and last birthday too, but her mother continues to deny her this deepest wish of her heart.  According to her mom, those dolls are “just too. . . much.”  (Love it!).   But Fanny will not be discouraged.  If her mom won’t buy her one, she’ll make her own!  Using what she can find, Fanny pieces together her own Connie doll.  The result is sweet Annabelle.  Fanny loves her creation, but will her friends accept Annabelle as well?

This is a sweet story that both moms and daughters can relate to.  I think we all know the kinds of dolls that all our daughters want and we are loathe to buy for them.  And yet I loved Fanny’s solution – and loved even more that she was so proud of what she had made and truly cared for it.  And the way she incorporates Annabelle into her next play date with her friends and their Connie dolls . . . well, it will make you giggle.

Two thumbs up for a cute story from Holly Hobbie that hits the nail on the head of the Bar- I mean, Connie doll situation in our own lives!

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2 Responses to “Fanny”

  1. mari Says:

    I love her Toot and Puddle books. THis one looks cute.

  2. gwendolyn b. Says:

    Does sound cute! I’m definitely looking for this book!

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