I love the premise of these books.  The idea of reading a book and figuring out clues by yourself and decoding secret messages is awesome and will appeal to most children, especially bright children.  However, I got a little bit bogged down in the writing.  I am not one for a lot of detail and these books seem to contain that.  I tend to get lost in the explanations and start to lose the story.  That is my reading style, however, I know that others thrive on lots of detail and explanation.  The characters are interesting – two children and their granny.  The parents solve mysteries as well.  I would recommend these books for older children.  My eight year old granddaughter, who is a very fluent and advanced reader found these books difficult, so maybe fifth and sixth graders would be the right age group.  Keep the mysteries for children coming – we could use more Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys for this new generation.  These books address that need.

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