Like most of you, I couldn’t escape the constant headlines about Britney Spears. To my great shame, I’m sure I passed quick judgement on her as her life seemed to unravel before our eyes. I have to say I didn’t follow the headlines closely, but it was impossible to ignore them altogether. I didn’t know how I’d feel about this book. I actually didn’t know much about Lynne Spears but it seems that she has earned quite a bad reputation for herself as a stage mother. I didn’t know what this book would be about or if I I could believe it.

What I read was the account of a heartbroken mother whose private family life was shoved into the spotlight. As her daughters faced their own individual heartaches, they were offered up for public judgement. But in truth, each member of the Spears family is more than what was made available to us in tabloids. They each have their own full lives, flesh and blood people like the ones that surround us. This memoir is Lynne’s attempt to pass something on about them and their family history and lives to her children.

It’s an interesting read as most memoirs are detailing their family lives and Lynne’s own struggles with her marriage, giving up her career for her children’s, the loss of her family members (both parents and her sister), and the unexpectedness of what Britney’s fame brought to them all. I couldn’t always follow the parts about Britney, because I think it was assumed that the reader had obsessively read the tabloids. While I saw certain events reported, I must admit I tend to turn the channel when a particular celebrity (or politician!) is constanly in the headlines. I did understand that Lynne loves her children.

It did seem to me she was a bit naive about what fame would do their family and bring to her children, but at the end of the day, it’s not my place to judge. This book is an excellent reminder that the people you see on television are real…and hopefully will give us all the ability to judge a little less.

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2 Responses to “Review: Through the Storm by Lynne Spears”

  1. Lori Barnes Says:

    I also chose not to read the tabloids and watch stuff on Brittney. I know there was alot going on with her mentally when all those things kept happening. We all go threw stuff and things happen in our life that temporarily causes us to be mentally unstable I’m glad the world was not given the opportunity to ridicule and judge me during these times, this was a Wonderful write up on this book I had wondered what she talked about in it and realizing they are people just like us I feel bad for her as a mom to’ve watched her daughter going threw all this in the public eye.

  2. Britney Says:

    Hey Britney!I’m Agnesa from Albania.I hate my city.The peoples here are boring,one day I asked my friend do you know who is Britney Spears,he sad no I have no idea.This is not normal!My dream is one day to come in America,that’s why I learn english,cause I know one day I’ll come there.I love you Britt you are my idol…

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