The subtitle for this book is “A Celebration of Poetry with a Beat,” which it certainly is! The back cover says: “Poetry can have both a rhyme and a rhythm. Sometimes it is obvious; sometimes it is hidden. But either way, make no mistake, poetry is as vibrant and exciting as it gets. And when you find yourself clapping your hands or tapping your feet, you know you’ve found poetry with a beat!

There is a variety of poetry included within the pages of this book. There are 51 selections in the book, and there are 30 performances on the audio CD which accompanies the book. The performances are done by such names as Eloise Greenfield, Langston Hughes, Queen Latifah, Gwendolyn Brooks, and the editor – Nikki Giovanni.

This is a very fun book. I’m planning to choose one of the selections for my class to perform during Black History Month this year. It will be hard to choose which selection, however. All of them have a lot to offer.

As there were many selections and authors, there are also several illustrators. The illustrations are alive, bright, and capture the essence of the selections.

I highly recommend this book to bring diversity, history, and fun to your children.

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  1. Kristen DeDeyn Kirk Says:

    My children will love this book. Thank you for the tip!

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  3. Hip Hop Speaks to Children Edited by Nikki Giovanni Says:

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  4. Mason Parker Says:

    Queen Latifah is both a great singer and actress, i love this girl.;–

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