Book Description
Meet Miss Bindley – an ordinary teacher with an unusual appetite. Miss Bindley doesn’t eat the usual fare like tuna melts and meatloaf. Instead, when her stomach grumbles, it’s the class pets she has her eye – er, stomach – on. Watch out! You never know who might be next…

From the Publisher (Carolrhoda Books)
This picture book takes a creative look at the classic children’s song “I Know an Old Woman,” and it all starts out as an innocent accident when a tiny flea plops into Miss Bindley’s tea. But it’s downhill from there, and soon Miss Bindley is gobbling up the entire classroom menagerie! Caldecott Medal-winner Stephen Gammell’s stunning il-lustrations combine media such as watercolor, colored pencils–and even spit– to create a tone of whimsy throughout this ridiculous tale. With infectious rhyme, rhythm, and repetition, I Know an Old Teacher is the perfect read aloud. Written by Anne Bowen, illustrated by Stephen Gammell, and published by Carolrhoda Books, a division of Lerner Publishing Group, I Know an Old Teacher is sure to elicit squeals of both delight and disgust as Miss Bind-ley swallows each of the class pets one by one.

Sally’s Review: I read this book to my class and they begged me to read it almost everyday after that! I don’t think they could get past what the teacher ate, plus she was an OLD teacher – just what they were used to, i.e., an oldER and silly teacher. Children love it! Silly and outrageous appeals to young children. Of course because the book is based on the song “I Know an Old Lady,” and they know and love that song, and I sang the book to them with that tune this book fast became their favorite read aloud. I recommend this book as a read aloud when things are getting just a little intense and you want to lighten up and have some fun.

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