Have you ever been reading a book or watching a movie and thought to yourself, how did they come up with these ideas? When you read, you’re reading something out of someone’s mind, their thoughts and their creativity. It may be an idea they had in their subconscious for a long time or it may be something that just popped into their head.


As an author you can. You’re able to go places you’ve never been and meet people you’ll never meet or may never exist. You can find ancient artifacts, go swimming with sharks and go anywhere your imagination can take you.


If you like fairytales write fairytales. If you like sci-fi write about sci-fi. Just write! Get it out! Have a good time. Put everything you like and apply it to a story. If you’re not having fun it’s not worth writing. There is magic in writing and the way for you to discover it, is to have fun!


When you’re in school the teachers always tell you to come up with new ideas and be creative. This can seem to be an impossible task to some, but you create everyday even if you are aware of it. For example, when you have to pick out a present for your mother’s birthday or when you pick out the colors for your new house. You always have to think and be creative. You think about what you like, or what you think someone else likes and go from there. Writing is the same, think of what you like or what you think someone else likes and put it into a story.

Be the ruler, be the creator, and be the artist. Do what you love to do. Be a writer.

Have a good time doing it. And just write!

Brittany and Brianna Winner
Authors of The Strand Prophecy..visit it on Amazon now!

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