This is the last day of the tour for Jimmy’s Stars and we bring you the second part of our interview with Mary Ann!

I read on the cover of Jimmy’s Stars that you were inspired to write this book after reading a cache of letters that your family members wrote during World War II and your uncle’s diary, were any of the characters and/or situations based on real people or events?

The characters of Sal and Ellie are composites of my mom and her four sisters. Jimmy is my Uncle Jim, although he joined the Merchant Marine and not the Army.(I did not change his name because I simply could not imagine a more perfect name than Jim. I did change his last name however) Aunt Toots is based on a shirttail relative on my dad’s side of the family who athough she had a good heart and meant well, always managed to say exactly the wrong thing! I devoted pages and pages in my diaries when I was a young teen as to my run-ins with this relative!

Although I kept pictures of these relatives as children on my desk while I was writing (I need a visual to start me off writing), I found as I got deeper into the story, the characters took on lives and personalities of their own, and were less like their real life counterparts. The one thing that stayed true to real-life, was the close and special relationship of Ellie and Jimmy.

Have you written any historical fiction for adults?

No. I have no interest in writing for adults, period. I tried writing a romance novel set in the American Revolution, once, a long time ago…and bored myself to death!

Without giving away too much of the story, you cover sensitive issues in this book, what was your goal?
For the most part, American history is taught in a way that doesn’t involve people. Oh sure, there are the presidents and generals…and usually the big world events that are in the textbooks do not affect them in a personal way. Although I don’t write with “an agenda” in mind, other than to tell a story, I did want kids to know that the decisions made by those “Big Historical Figures” affect kids, both then and now, impact all of us…even children.

Thanks so much Mary Ann for writing such a great book and taking time to answer some of our questions! Be sure to visit the other sites on the tour today!

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  1. maggie Says:

    Nice interview! I’m visiting all of them in the tour, and each one is a little different. 😉

  2. Sally Says:

    It has been said to write about what you know about, and I guess with the picture on her desk, she did just that.

  3. Lori Barnes Says:

    I enjoyed reading the 2nd part in her interview.

  4. tasia Says:

    Hey! i read your book Jimmy Stars. I loved it..i Was the 1st one to read it at my school!……my Question is, Does his book relate to your life?

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