Although this author goes beyond my comfort level with language and explicit sexual content, I was riveted to the story. There is a serial killer on the lose in the wilds of Montana. One by one he or she is shooting out tires of women driving on deserted roads causing serious accidents. After the accident, he/she finds the women in their cars and becomes their healer. When they become well, he ties them outside to a tree naked and leaves them to die from the elements. We become very familiar with one of the victims. We also come to know the two women detectives working on the case. There are clues left behind, but they are very sketchy and the women and all working on the case are at a loss to find the killer. There is a main story and a side story.

The story part of the book is fascinating. This is the third book by Lisa Jackson I have read this summer and I do see a similar pattern in the plots. The books very much keep you hooked, however, as you try to figure out who the killer is and what his/her angle is. The characters are realistic, although I don’t know many people who live as they do. I like the fact that the women are strong and smart. The characters are flawed – not perfect people although very good at their job. This book didn’t resolve the main mystery after 496 pages which was a disappointment to me. The side story was resolved with a unexpected twist. That was exciting. More is promised to come in August of 2009, so I will look forward to the continuing saga.

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5 Responses to “Left to Die by Lisa Jackson”

  1. Shana Says:

    I can’t believe the main mystery wasn’t resolved! What a cliffhanger.

    I keep hearing good things about this author. I may look into an audio version of one of her books.

  2. Sally Says:

    I feel uncomfortable reading about man’s inhumanity to man in such detail.

  3. Laura Says:

    Wow, that does sound good. But I’m such a scardey cat, that I cant read or watch horror/suspense stories. I read the lovely bones, and that still haunts me. And it’s not even truly ‘scary’.

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  5. karen Says:

    What is doing with the mystery not solved? Is there talk of a sequel? I must admit i do not like books that do not resolve the mystery. I will be reading more of her books though. It was definately a whole day reading.

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