We met online for a chat to discuss the book and the discussion went all over the place! But I hope you have had a chance to read and finish the book now. There’s a lot to talk about, and we’ll be working off some of the discussion questions that Hachette provides as well as some of the things that come up in comments from you! So speak up! 🙂

You can access the discussion questions from Hachette here.

The first question, in short, is what constitutes true art? Laurel makes quilts, but her sisters dismisses as them mere handicraft.

Here are some of our thoughts, please share yours!
Sally Oh yeah, art, something I know so much about
Leah art – um, i would say it is an expression
Sally I do think that art includes lots of things and I would include quilt making
Leah I would definitely include quilt making
Amy I think art is the expression of the soul
Sally Especially since it’s called art quilting
Leah Her quilts sounded kinda morbid though, didn’t they? not sure if they would be my thing, but still would be art.
Amy I think it involves other things, like the discipline and knowledge of the craft

What did you all think? What is true art? Are Laurel’s quilts true art?

The second question involves Laurel’s mother. Laurel’s mother cut herself off from De Lop but continued to bring them canned goods. Do a person’s motives add or subtract to a charitable act?

Amy This is in many ways the question of the book to me.
Leah Well, I think the receiver of the charitable act can tell the difference, but hey, food is food when you are hungry.
Sally Yes, I think it’s all about motives and feelings. Laurel’s mom was trying to salve her conscience because she had severed all ties and she wanted to be perceived as a good person.
Amy Well yes. I do think it diminishes the charity, but like you said, it’s still being done.
Sally Maybe in the end the motive is what really matters. Is it guilt, desire, conviction???
Amy To the giver, the motive matters, to the one receiving, it matters less.
Sally I think it mattered to Bet in the book.
Leah Definitely mattered to Bet.
She came to love Laurel even though Laurel stayed distant from her.

What do you think? How important is motive in charity?

Tomorrow we’ll tackle the family relationships and the issue of poverty in the book! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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3 Responses to “The Girl Who Stopped Swimming Group Discussion Day 1”

  1. Kristinia Clos Says:

    I ordered this book from Books A Million and I just found out it was back ordered! I’m going to my library today to see if they have it! I’ll be able to finish the book and still join in on the discussion with no problem!

  2. Erin Says:

    I haven’t started it either. My mom was out of town this week so I hope to get it on Monday and join in.

  3. Cheryl Says:

    Sorry I didn’t get in sooner on this discussion but I have read this book

    To the first question about Laurel and her quilts. I think it is artwork in a very creative way. I do cross stich work

    As far as Laurel’s mother. It is hard to say as I think that some people make mistakes and than find their own ways to say they are sorry.

    I think that charity work as far as a motive should be that you want to help out and not how am I going to benefit from this.

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