carly.jpgCarly Lorraine Sinclair grows up in the home of her fiercely strong mother, Leigh. Naturally timid, Carly finds that constantly trying to please Leigh by hiding her own fears only increases her insecurities. In a bold attempt to face them head-on, she joins the Army. Through the military Carly confronts her self-doubt, realizing when sent to Kuwait as part of Operation Desert Storm that facing fears is crucial to survival. After she is wounded, she returns to Ivy Manor and the nursing care of three generations of women who have faced their own warspersonal or otherwise. Carly must determine whether she can cope with her new physical needs and find peace . . . and finally, love.

My comments: The fourth book in the Women of Ivy Manor, “Carly,” differs from the other three in that this book only explores one year in Carly’s life. This is more of a contemporary book. What is interesting is that Leigh, Carly’s mother, reminds me exactly of Bette, Leigh’s mother in the book “Leigh.” It seems they forget what they went through themselves. Carly finds nothing but opposition from her mother when she wants to forego college and join the military. Thankfully, the other women of Ivy Manor support and understand her decisions. Carly has quite a difficult year in the military, however – lifechanging to say the least. She is able to face her fears and conquer them to a great extent. She comes through well, although she faces adversity and loss. This is the most overt Christian book in the series, and possibly my favorite. I hated to see this series come to and end, but look forward to beginning Lyn’s newest series, Blessed Assurance.

Carly was published by FaithWords and released April 2006.

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