We decided to share some of our favorite fathers from books with you all for Father’s Day!

Leah: One of my favorite fathers from literature is Pa Ingalls. He was hard-working, good- natured, loving and kind. He was a farmer, so his days started early and ended with the evening farm chores, yet even amidst all the persistant work a farm requires he always had time for his girls. He often had a twinkle in his eye, a song or whistle on his lips, a hug for Ma, and a twirl in the air for one of his girls. Though the Ingalls’ life was not an easy one, Pa helped ease the hard times by having a cheerful attitude and a trust in God. He was patient to let his little girls “help” with building the roof, or door, or barn, or whatever his project was at the time. He demanded obedience, yet also showed grace at the appropriate times. One of my favorite stories is when Laura and Mary get in trouble for sliding down the haystack – thereby ruining all his hard work of stacking the hay. They had already been told not to mess with the haystack, yet it called to them and they could not refuse. So when Pa angrily asks if they had once again slid down the haystack (after having already seen the damage), they deny it completely. Pa gets even more angry until Laura admits they had not slid down the haystack – but they had rolled down it. Pa has to turn his back from them to keep his laughter from showing. He loves them and though he is upset about the extra work they had caused him, he can forgive them and even see the humor in the situation.

Pa was a good father because he loved his family. He worked hard to provide for them and even when times were hard, he didn’t take out his frustration on his wife or girls. He was cheerful about his work. He tried to provide extra treats to brighten up the day – such as store-bought crackers or Christmas candy. He may not have been able to provide the girls with everything they ever wanted, but they had in him what was most important. His love, his encouragement, and his delight at being with his family.

Sally: John Baxter is the perfect dad in a book series. He has a great profession (doctor), he loves his wife and kids and grandkids and also even though he has a demanding career – has enough time to spend building memories with his family. I’ve read that Karen Kingsbury patterned him after her own real-life dad, who recently went to be with Jesus. He is a strong Christian man who isn’t afraid to show emotion. He’s there, I mean always there, for his family and puts their needs above his own. When he becomes a widower and later finds a new love interest, he puts that on hold until he feels his grown children can handle a new woman in his life. After many books on the Baxters, John Baxter seems like someone you really know, respect, and love. Thanks Karen Kingsbury for your great male role models!

Amy: Well, Leah beat me to the punch with Pa Ingalls, but another book father I love is Arthur Weasley in the Harry Potter series. I love the Weasley family, period, they seem like a bunch of fun. But Arthur is a fantastic father who loves not only his family but willingly extends his love to Harry as well. In addition to his strong desire to protect his family and instill good morals in his children, though, he’s so funny! He especially stands out in this series and in the world of Harry Potter because there are so few good fathers.

Who are some of your favorite fathers in books? Happy Father’s Day all!

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  1. Julie P. Says:

    I agree with Pa Ingalls, but my favorite is Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird!

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