I feel like I should tell you what the major titles being promoted were, but there were so many. I don’t think I can explain that with as many books as I saw handed out, autographed and promoted, I still missed a ton as I realized when reading the Publishers Weekly Daily show newsletter.

I will tell you about a few gems that I picked up and am looking forward to reading.

The first is Called Out of Darkness: A Spiritual Memoir by Anne Rice (and I got it signed!) this will be available in October, but I am really excited about it.

I’m also looking forward to both We Bought a Zoo and The Book of Animal Ignorance. There were a lot of titles about animals, it seemed to me. I am really interested in reading Dennis Lehane’s The Given Day. It’s a very long book, though. And Anita Shreve’s Testimony has a very interesting premise, even though her books are a bit hit and miss with me. Finally, I am stoked to read All We Ever Wanted Was Everything (available now!) by Janelle Brown because she was so incredibly nice when she signed the book for me and she gave me a homemade chocolate chip cookie!

And nw for some pictures.  This was the lobby.  Look big banners promoting books instead of movies or music!book-expo1_1.JPGBEA 1

This was the main autographing area, but there were lots of signings that happened in the booths as well. book-expo1_2.JPG

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  1. Jennifer Bogart Says:

    Thanks for sharing your BEA experiences, sounds like book junkie heaven! Oh my what is all this about – Called Out of Darkness: A Spiritual Memoir by Anne Rice?

    I’ll have to look it up online. Did Anne Rice get saved?

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