charanavi.jpgI love personality studies and quite frankly there’s nothing so fun as learning more about yourself from them!  If you enjoy this same sort of thing, I think you’ll really like Charanavi

 Charanavi determines what sort of personality you have  based on your birthday.  The book starts with a short little introduction and then has a very useful chart so that you can go to your personal page.  I was the delicate elephant and the line that stuck out to me was that I don’t always listen attentively!  This is true, but I’ve always blamed it on being a bit ADD. 

 As long as you know someone’s birthday, you can find which character they are and this will help you to understand them better.  There are also some famous people listed who were in the same group so you can determine if you think they are alike.

 I taught English in Japan for over a year and this book is so Japanese to me!  The animal drawings are so cute and the pages are bright and colorful.  This really increased my personal enjoyment.

 If you enjoy personality studies and books than please give Charanavi a look, it might be a really fun tool to have at a party or on a girls night out!

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