I’m working on determining the winner of the box of books (a lot of entries!) But until then I thought it would be fun to discuss what kind of TBR person you are.

I am a book hoarder. I like the feeling of knowing I always have a book to read. And there are so so so many books that I want to read. Therefore, my TBR pile is huge. But it doesn’t stop me from collecting more books. I rarely keep books for reread though. I have a relatively small collection of books that I won’t part with.

How about you? How big is your TBR pile? Do you keep books after you’ve read them? Have you ever bought a book you already have because you forgot it was in your TBR pile or that you’ve already read it?

I can’t wait to hear everyone’s confessions! 🙂

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11 Responses to “Weekend Discussion: The TBR Pile”

  1. Erin Says:

    I pass many books on to friends, coworkers and family and do keep some for myself that I cannot part with. If I want to reread the book I generally do not loan it out to anyone only because I hate getting my books back abused! My tbr pile is huge and it just keeps growing. I have piles all around my house and it drives my husband crazy!

  2. Kristinia Says:

    I know I had entered your contest, LOL! We love books and I buy as many as I can whenever I can, I do collect certain series but we have young children so I know they will be read over and over again! I love reading books and have read my favorites at least once every year I’ve owned them, its nice to refresh your memory!

  3. Ginnie Says:

    I don’t even want to know how big my TBR pile is. Suffice it to say that I probably have enough books to last if I live to about 638 years old. After that, I might need to worry…..

  4. Carole Says:

    Leah, I’m exactly the same way as you. I’m 60 years old and my shelves/stacks/piles are huge, so I definitely think I have enough . . . yet I can’t resist buying more. I also use the library frequently because I can get most anything I want through the interlibrary loan program. I used to keep my favorites, but now let most of them go.

  5. Sally Says:

    I have piles all over the house. Sometimes I can read quickly and sometimes it takes a couple weeks to finish a book. I love long trips for reading. A new library is going up close to us, so maybe I’ll quit buying so many books! I keep many books – they are like old friends.

  6. Jennifer Bogart Says:

    I keep most books unless they are offensive/anti-christian or teach ideas that are contrary to the Bible. I am a total hoarder! I have shelves, boxes, piles, bins etc. I love books, but some I can’t ever see myself, or my children re-reading head into my bookmooch giveaway box. We homeschool, and I read voraciously as a young person, up to 4 books a day, so I need books on hand! Our local library is 20 minutes away and a small rural ne, with not many classics or appropriate books for young people. Interlibrary loan takes 3 weeks, and some books are in NO libraries in Alberta!! So, I do feel somewhat justified ;).

  7. Krista Says:

    I actually usually don’t have a TBR pile. Other than maybe 2. But I currently have a HUGE one! Comes from joining the CFBA and then I had a friend loan me a bunch. And then I find ones that look really interesting and check them out from the library before I forget about them. So my current pile is probably easily 20 books… I almost never buy books though. Here’s my goal: to read one book a week until I’m done with my pile… which will keep growing of course!

  8. Sharla Says:

    Maybe I’m weird but currently my TBR pile is just the small current 6 book pile I got yesterday at the Library. OH! And I finished one already too. I actually have a lot of books in my house but there isn’t a single one I haven’t read. (Except maybe all the way through the Bible sad to say, although I’ve read most of it during my life, just not straight through.) Anyway, many I have read over and over and over, mostly because our library isn’t the best and I always have a book (or two) that I’m reading. Thank goodness for a library (although I’ve already pretty much read everything from our little library that looked intersting). So my TBR pile will be gone by this friday when I go back to get more. My turnover rate is just too fast I guess. Someday we are going to have a room with wall to wall to ceiling shelves with books books books! Anybody know how to get free books, because I really can’t afford to buy. Most have been passed down from parents or yard sale types. And most are also youth fiction and MANY childrens books. I’d love to be able to get more books I could read over and over.

  9. Liviania Says:

    I hoard. There are piles of books in my house waiting for me to stumble upon them again and say, “Oh yeah, I meant to read that.” I also like to reread however, so sometimes I’m distracted from the TBR pile.

  10. Amy Says:

    Erin, I feel the same way about my books getting abused. Sometimes I’d rather buy a book for someone than lend them my own!

    Kristinia, I also collect some series, especially if I’m going to keep reading so I can back and refer to it.

    Ginnie, that’s hilarious!

    Jennifer, no justification needed I support book hoarding. 🙂

    Krista, and now the CFBA is really adding to our TBR piles!

    Sharla, I sent you an email.

    Liviania, sometimes I get stressed out because there are so many I want to read, but I can only read onat at a time! 🙂

    Thanks for joining in everyone…this was fun!

  11. TeacherDad Says:

    My TBR has grown rapidly in the past week… usually quite a long list on my LT “wish list” of books to buy or check out, but 2 trips to the library + out of school for the summer = a stack almost as tall as my 6 yr old… guess I’d better get busy!

    nice blog, btw…