lipstick-jungle.jpgLipstick Jungle is the only book of Candace Bushnell’s I’ve ever read. I know that Sex and the City was based on her book as well, but well, I never read it.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy Lipstick Jungle and I was surprised by how much I did. I was fascinated by the lives of these high powered women and how they attempted to balance family, work, and friends. I was interested in how they navigated their way around the workplace and frustrated by how everything seemed twice as hard for them just because they were women.

So I had somewhat high hopes for the television series. I felt that if properly executed, it could be really interesting and rich since television series have the chance to really develop characters and construct a variety of different scenarios and situations for them to face.

Unfortunately, the show is an hour long drama that is trying to be a light-hearted comedy. I think that Lipstick Jungle should have it’s own identity, but in many ways it seems to be trying to be Sex and the City all over again. This is terribly disappointing as the potential for this series was huge.

But, like a trainwreck, I just can’t turn away.

Have you read Lipstick Jungle and/or tried to watch the television show? I’m interested in other’s thoughts. I have to say that I think the actor playing Kirby is the best part of the show. He reminds of Scott Speedman who played Ben on Felicity, one of my all time favorite (and brilliantly written) shows. Comment away, friends!

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One Response to “Book to TV Adaptation: Lipstick Jungle”

  1. Megan Says:

    I have not read Lipstick Jungle but I have watched the show. And I can understand you disapointment in the show, but not having read the book I can’t share in it.

    I don’t LOVE the show but I don’t miss it either. I do love Kirby and that whole story line. (Guess we agree on that part.) I like the friendship between the three girls, I like their jobs.

    Ever since I first started watching the promos for this I wanted to read the book. And I still do want to.

    P.S. Kirby is so super yummy, I want to take him home. Can I?

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