I have been reading some of my favorite books lately – to my class. I own about 30 of Robert Munsch’s books and they never fail to get the students hooked on reading! They beg to read his books! My most favorite is “Stephanie’s Ponytail.” I don’t want to giveaway too much of the 30 page story, but there is a twist at the end that always makes the kids go “AHHHHHH.”

Stephanie is definitely a forward thinker and a trend setter in her elementary school. My

favorite line is repeated throughout, “Ugly, ugly, very ugly.” This is just a very fun book to read as are all of his books. Another favorite is “Get Out of Bed.”

Robert Munsch is Canadian and his books are usually based on real-life children and the funny things they do and think. I HIGHLY recommend all of his books for a fun and bonding time with the children in your life.

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  1. Susan Chester Says:

    I just bought Stephanie’s Ponytail for my grandaughter. Her name is Stephanie so I thought it would be a fun surprise.This is a fun way to get book gifts for children, just type in their name on Amazon books. I loved the story and look forward to reading the authors other books.

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