I’m the matriarch of this trio. I think I passed my love of reading and books onto all three of my children, which delights me to no end! It is fun being able to share that part of our lives which each other and with anyone else who will listen!

My love of reading led me into going to college as a non-traditional (wife and mother of three) student in order to teach little people to love books (and math, and science, and social studies, and writing!). So far, I’ve had a fair amount of success with the book part – with both first and second graders in both Missouri and California.

I love dogs, I love the color RED, I love chocolate, and I love children – they crack me up! I love teaching, I love good movies and television, but most of all, I love reading!

I’ve been happily married for a LONG TIME (35 years in April). I’m also a long-distance granny – and have tried to pass my love of books to those kids, too!

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3 Responses to “Hi, I’m Sally”

  1. Verna Says:

    Way to go, Sally! I applaud you for “keeping up” in this new age of communicating. Since I love to read, I will be checking back often. Thanks and blessings, my friend!

  2. booklogged Says:

    Hi, Sally. We have a few things in common: going to college with children at home, married 35 years, and a love of reading, chocolate and children.

    I had 3 daughters just like you, but then we had a surprise bundle delivered when our youngest was 11. Another daughter. I say that with happiness.

    Your blog looks so classy. Love the colors and banner.

  3. Kimberly Conway Says:

    Thanks, Sally for all you do to keep readers informed!

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